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Noosa Parks Association (NPA) was founded in 1962 and is now Queensland's oldest community conservation organisation.

NPA has realised significant conservation wins over the past 50 years in this special part of the world. Today NPA is seen by many as one of the most successful community conservation groups in the country. NPA's environmental activism has helped shape this local region in the the environment that it is today, benefitting all who visit or live here.

While a significant focus of NPA is on protecting Noosa's natural environment, it has many other strings to its bow, with numerous special interest groups remaining actively involved in the community.  These include Bush-walking, Extended Outings, Bird and Botany Groups and our weekly Friday Environment Forum.


Protecting the natural environment within the greater Noosa-Cooloola region

Encouraging both genuinely sustainable human behaviour and built environments


Our region continues to experiece a comparatively high turnover of local residents.  Consequently, there is always a danger that the wider Noosa communithy will, over time, become increasingly complacent and disconnected from its own history, believing that this unique part of the eastern seaboard happened by default, not design.

NPA is determined not to allow either local or state government to rewrite history (as previous local governments have attempted to do), by claiming that it was their foresight and vision that created such a jewel.  Noosa must be seen for what it is.  A gem along an eastern seaboard of suburban mediocrity, achieved through decades of community activism.


  • Keeping Noosa distinctly different from over-developed resort areas
  • Keeping the Noosa River and its lakes the most natural in Queensland
  • Extending Cooloola National Park south to the banks of the Noosa River by way of acquisition of North Shore land
  • Ensuring Ringtail and Yurol Forests’ protection as National Park, thus ensuring continuation of the protective green belt and preservation of wildlife corridors around/through the Noosa Biosphere Reserve
  • Remaining constantly vigilant against excessive development applications which threaten Noosa's superb natural environment
  • Achieving World Heritage listing for the Cooloola Section of the Great Sandy National Park
  • Achieving National Heritage listing for the Noosa National Park plus the Noosa River and lakes system

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