PAT testing

Just a quick not to let you know we are continuing to improve PATorganiser and to let you know about some helpful articles.

The recent weather events in South Australia and floods in Victoria remind us of the need to be vigilant when working with electrical equipment. In addition, the Northern states are heading into the 'wet' season with the potential for cyclones and more floods.There is a great PDF by the BusinessWire about re-energizing flood-damaged electrical equipment. It is referencing the NEMA guidelines and has some handy information - Checklist for Electrical System Restoration

You may have seen the PAT-Connect app asking if you want to install an update. We have been adding compatibility to some new PAT devices and also updating the app in response to customer requests. If your app is open at the time you won't be effected. Just close the window when you are finished and when you reopen the app it will ask you if you want to update (say yes!).

Here are some how-to guides for PATorganiser that were recently added into the FAQ section of the website: If you have any suggestions on topics for how-to guides just let us know and we can put them together. If you are looking for information about using PATorganiser just go to the Help Centre and search our site.