Double Island Point


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Double Island Point, a coastal headland in Queensland, Australia is the next headland north of Noosa, within the Cooloola section of the Great Sandy National Park, at the southern end of Wide Bay.

It is one of the most beautiful, unspoilt, semi-wilderness areas on Australia’s east coast. It also has great cultural and historical interest, with the Double Island Point lighthouse standing sentinel on the headland and the lighthouse keepers’ cottages nestled below.

In 1991, the lighthouse was fully automated. The lighthouse keepers’ cottages were left empty and although they were not vandalised like many others, exposure to the elements meant they badly needed attention.

After much lobbying, the Government awarded a 20-year lease of the Double Island Point Conservation Park to NPA.

The first task was to organise restoration of the lighthouse keepers’ cottages. Within a year, NPA volunteers completely restored both cottages.

NPA implemented a vegetation management plan that remains current today – it endeavours to remove weeds and revegetate the area with endemic species – a massive undertaking that is being accomplished with the help of volunteers and in partnership with other groups.

The keepers’ cottages are now rented to NPA members who stay for a week and are obligated to act as caretakers during their stay and carry out vegetation rehabilitation, cottage maintenance, cleaning and/or interpretive work as assigned by the Association.

Over the years, these rental monies have been ploughed back into restoration and revegetation work.

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