Bird Observers


The NPA Bird Watching group has quarterly group meetings at the Environment Centre, weekly interpretive birding at Wallace Park and bi-monthly field trips to destinations on the Sunshine and Cooloola Coasts and hinterland.

New bird watchers of all ages are encouraged to start an interest in bird watching and are always welcome.

This Bird Observers Program details all meetings and field trips.  

An interpretive walk takes place every Friday before each Friday Environment Forum, starting from the Environment Centre.

Interpretive Birding gives an insight into the every day life of birds in a particular area. A group of observers walk around Wallace Park each Friday to observe and try to interpret the activities of the birds. The pace is slow, allowing time to learn and take photographs.

This Noosa Bird Trail brochure provides details of the trail established to provide visitors and locals with a way of finding elusive patches of forest so they can enjoy the delights that winged creatures provide.

This Birds of Double Island Point brochure lists birds to be found at Double Island Point.

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